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Our company has met requirement of Indonesian regulation for contractor

Permit / License:

Notary deed of establishment No. 67, 98, 12, 179, 669, 53, 54, 47, 48, 09
Company Domicile No. 08/1.824.54
Company Taxable (PKP) No.PEM-06514/WPJ.05/KP.1403/2002
Company Tax Number (NPWP) No. 01.315.404.2-039.000
Company Registration (TDP) No.
B. License from Dept. of Trade (SIUP) - Major No. 0870/1.824.51
B. License from Dept. of Public Works (SIUJK) No. 1.003607.3174.2.00870
Company License for Industry No. 063/M/SK/ILME/V/94
MIGAS Registration for Contractor No. 985/SKT/DU/DMT/2006
GAPENSI Member No.
Vendor Registration from GAPENSI
for Contractor (Civil & Architecture, M&E)
No. 09.03.1192
KADIN Member No. 20202.16465-6/06-01-1996
Vendor Registration from KADIN for Supplier No. 1-0904-017-0013579
ARPENA No. 011719-02049
JAMSOSTEK Certificate No. 93 IJ2 011
ISO-9001-2008 WQA-UKAS No. QS 1579
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