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PT. Dasatria Utama was founded in 1975 by Rusly Wijaya and his mentor, Limasalle. The company started as a residential builder in Jakarta, which rapidly grow into a builder in bigger size and higher complexity projects. Today, Rusly Wijaya continues serving as Chairman and CEO, Haryadi Susilo as Vice President, Benny Kelana as the Head of Dasatria Workshop - together, they currently lead PT Dasatria Utama's senior management team. The history of PT Dasatria Utama is not about a single person or family. Many of our employees have devoted their entire working careers to Dasatria. As a company, we are indebted to their service and loyalty in fostering our reputation and integrity.
  • PT Dasatria Utama will be the leader and example of construction industries in Indonesia.
  • PT Dasatria Utama will be the contractor of choice for respected clients who seek for excellence.
  • PT Dasatria Utama will be widely recognized for its quality, safety and inspiring customer service.
  • To complete the customers projects in safe, quality-oriented, on-time, and on-budget manners.
  • To earn the customers satisfaction with happy hearts and humility to serve.
  • To be aggresive and innovative in applying engineering to our works.
  • To promote good quality of life and welfare for its employees.
  • To encourage continuous learning and generation of leaders throughout the organization.
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